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Fondation Merac

FONDATION MERAC (Mobilising European Research in Astrophysics and Cosmology) is an independent charitable and tax exempt foundation pursuant to the Swiss Civil Code with office in Zurich, Switzerland. It is supervised by the Federal Department of Home Affairs FDHA.

FONDATION MERAC promotes innovative and noncommercial research in astrophysics and cosmology in Europe and Switzerland and the research and knowhow exchange between Switzerland and Europe by awarding a MERAC Prize and by supporting post-doctoral research by early career researchers in Europe without distinction to country, nationality, race, religion, gender or any other grounds for discrimination.

FONDATION MERAC also strives to promote outstanding innovation and noncommercial research in New Technologies, Instrumentation and Computing by the biannual George Lake Award.

Beginning 2024, the GL will be awarded in even years with EUR 100,000 each